Our Approach: We’ve Walked a Mile in Your Shoes

Do you spend hours each day worrying that you’re too fat, too thin, too weak or not lean enough? Do you feel that eating is the one thing you can control and fear giving up that control? Or do you feel totally out of control with food, exercise, and thoughts about your body? Do you turn to alcohol or drugs, or to self-harm behaviors such as cutting, to stop the pain?

Our Approach

The experienced leadership and treatment teams at the Eating and Body Image Therapy Center know what it’s like to have an eating disorder often from personal experience through recovery or caring for someone who was diagnosed. We combine our personal understanding of these disorders with our professional training to bring you a uniquely compassionate and empathetic recovery model.

Best Practices with a Personalized Approach

We follow accepted best practices for treating anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, compulsive exercise, and other eating disorder behaviors, while avoiding formulaic approaches. Instead, we develop a personalized approach for each client that is based on your specific needs and that seeks to treat you as a whole person. Where appropriate, we incorporate other proven approaches, such as experiential therapy, exposure therapy, art therapy, mindfulness training, trauma work, medical care, psychiatric care, and nutrition counseling to facilitate your recovery. Our comprehensive treatment to treat all your mental and physical health needs is why so many of our clients recommend us.

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