Success Stories From People Like You

When you have an eating disorder, you’re not alone. Learn how others like you have learned to manage or overcome binge eating, bulimia, compulsive eating, or anorexia with help from the caring, experienced staff at Eating and Body Image Therapy Center in Central Maryland and Washington D.C. We know how to get you started on the road to recovery, so you can begin to accept your body and restore a healthy relationship with food. We hope you’ll take inspiration from others like you, who have faced their fears, their addictions and/or their disordered perception of food to get better – with help and support from our compassionate staff. A few of their stories follow.

Read What Others Said About Eating and Body Image Therapy Center


“As a long-term patient of The Body Image Therapy Center, I can definitively say that without the support of their staff, I would not be here today. Throughout my junior and senior years of high school I battled both bulimia nervosa and anorexia nervosa, receiving levels of support ranging from intensive outpatient therapy, nutrition counseling, group therapy and individual therapy. Over the two-year period, my therapist and I developed a relationship in which I felt comfortable and safe. She enabled me to find the strength and courage I needed to open a new chapter of my life–one in which ED is no longer welcome. Now an independent college student and college athlete, I am equipped with many tools to handle the challenges of the real world. The Body Image Therapy Center encouraged me to fight and taught me that with every victory over ED, I am getting stronger!”

– HK


“TBITC really helped me get my life back. I was in a really dark place and they helped me find my way out of it. They helped me realize the causes and roots of my behaviors, as well as how to stop those behaviors and just gain more overall confidence and contentment with myself.”

– LW


“I have used the services at The Body Image Therapy Center for the last year for my ADHD and binge eating disorder. My therapist and the counseling groups have been key to my success. Though I sometimes still struggle with binge eating and implementing mindful eating, the tactics and techniques they provided are with me always and contribute to my making the right choices.”

– HE


“We were very pleased with our experience at the Body Image Therapy Center. They helped us get our teenage son through a difficult period giving our son the guidance and direction he needed and providing us with the information and tools to assist in the process. I really can’t express enough how successful the entire experience was for our family. Thank you again!”

– LJ