A Firm Understanding of the LGBTQIA+ Population

Members of the LGBTQIA+ population suffer from eating disorders at higher rates than others. Being up to date on the latest research and evidence based practiced in critical in treating someone with an eating disorder who is a member of this community.

Parent and Caregiver Consultations Are a Good Way to Start

Our parent and caregiver consultations provide answers to your questions about how to best approach your loved one about an eating disorder, body image issue, or other self-harming behavior. This is often the first step for helping them enter treatment. When appropriate, we offer family-based treatment to help the family understand the dynamics of these self-destructive behaviors and how they can best support their loved one during recovery and how the nuances of gender and sexual identity play a role in the development of and recovery from an eating disorder.

Here is what we state: Everyone is deserving of love, appreciation, respect, and recovery. While some of our clinicians are members of the LGBTQIA+ community, all of us are allies.

Family In The Kitchen