Compassionate Help for Women with Eating Disorders

Most women develop body image dissatisfaction early in life and can lead to deadly mental health diagnoses including eating disorders, self-harm, and more. Getting help quickly is crucial to long-term recovery.


Most of those who work at Eating and Body Image Therapy Center are personally touched by eating disorders and have a passion for this work. As a result, they understand both personally and professional what it’s like to have issues with anxiety, depression, self esteem or body image that are often at the heart of eating disorders or self-harm behaviors.

You’ll find that each center’s physical space and our therapeutic approach provide a warm, compassionate touch that resonates with women. From the moment you call our coordinator, to the time you first visit one of our beautiful centers, you’ll feel welcomed and cared for.

Family In The Kitchen

We Help You Love Your Body Again

It can be challenging to love your body in a society that emphasizes thinness and appearance over more important values. Our team works with each woman to take your unique needs into account and to get at the root of the issues that have led you away from a healthy relationship with food, mood and your body.

Whether you suffer from anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, anxiety, depression or other mood disorder, or you have turned to cutting to ease your pain, we can help. We offer individual therapy, group therapy, support groups, nutritional guidance and more to support you on your road to recovery.